Let us introduce the Karyon effort. It's a coalition of different habits, mediums and moments expressed via creative objects.

We are a design team formed by the same goal, looking for creative moments and creating thoughtful objects. Common elements such as enthusiasm, imagination, dreaming, curiousness and playfulness connect us and we hope we can transmit this energy to our designs.



Karyon has a variety of meanings but the ones that stand out refer to the cell, the basic functional unit that forms all the living beings. On the other hand Karyon etymologically is derived by the ancient greek work "κάρυον" and basically it refers to a hard shell seed, the walnut.

"We may brave human laws,

but we cannot resist natural ones"

Jules Verne


Karyon design was formed on 2017 as an experimental group of people who want to discuss new forms and new objects that can be further explored and incorporated into our daily lives.

Now it consists of two designers based in Greece, Eleftheria Mavridou and Eleni Karanikola, who were both trained as architects. The members experiment and work with a variety of media and materials on a number of conceptual projects, creating a series of usable and sculptural objects and graphics, combining modern technology and traditional techniques.

Follow us on our journey where we will be looking for new references through nature, structures and stories to inspire us.


Karyon design begun its journey as a designer team of various objects and made its way to the world by taking places to exhibitions, pop up stores and personal inquiries.

You can reach to us whether you are looking for an object of an everyday moment or if you need customized work for your personal space or for your commercial one.


Our services so far include product design, illustration and graphic design. Stay tuned because we are planning to get more creative in the future!

2019 by Karyon Design